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Powerful New XM Solar Flashlight With 10 Built-In
Survival Features
Selling Out Nationwide

  • Solar Flashlight With 6 Modes: Charges with Free Sun Power through the Side Solar Panels and USB. Includes 6 light modes: Strobe, SOS, High, Medium, Low and Red/Blue Flashing
  • For Heavy Duty Use: Durable alloy body with rubber components and the ability to withstand extreme heat, cold or moisture. Plus it's anti-abrasive, skid proof and includes an anti-slip handle.
  • 10 Features, 1 Device: Flashlight, Self-Defense Alarm, Power Bank, Solar Charging, Powerful Magnet, Seatbelt Cutter, Window Breaker, Emergency Hammer, USB Charging, and Side Lamp
  • Perfect for Military, Police, Firefighters and More: With so many functions in 1 device, this flashlight is a must-have for anyone in a life-threatening tactical or emergency situation.
  • Keeps Your Family Safe: Keep your loved ones protected 24/7 with a flashlight that needs no batteries, works in any scenario, and has multiple life-saving features built-in.

Act Now: 84 units in stock on June 24. Ships tomorrow and arrives in 3-5 days.

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This Compact, Professional-Grade Solar Flashlight Does It All!

Don’t let its compact design fool you. Though this flashlight can fit inside a big pocket, it packs a lot of features to ensure that you’re always protected under any circumstances.

It’s made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy to make it light and durable at the same time.

The powerful XPG + SMD lumen technology provides nearly 1,000 Lumens output which is many times brighter than old incandescent flashlights.

By utilizing the latest Solar-panels, the XM flashlight is powered by free sun power all day long. So you always have a backup power source, and are never left outdoors without a proper charge.

This means, that despite its powerful output, you don’t have to worry about expensive batteries. There's already a built-in rechargeable battery, which you can power up with a USB cable or with Solar Power.

With all these amazing features, plus many more including a self-defense alarm, hammer, seatbelt cutter, power bank, and more, the XM Flashlight is an absolute must-have for just about everyone who cares about keeping their family and life secure.

Crafted For Performance, Built For All Situations.

Use it whenever and wherever you want because now you can explore the world with confidence and protection. And as expected, it's just as powerful at home or at work, as it is when outdoors at night, in the wilderness or on fun camping trips, or even when faced with extreme weather or other events where you need to protect yourself and your family!


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Best flashlight for your buck

Got the flashlight today. It is the strongest light I have. Works great!

Larry I.


Works great for me and the price fits my budget!

I got three and they're been great! It's perfect to carry around and I even gave two to my grand daughters for self-defense (the light is blinding against an attacker and the alarm is so loud!)

Martha F.


Built For All Situations

I own one and it does EVERYTHING it claims to. Easy to setup, easy to use and simple to understand

Allan S.

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Stocks Almost Gone! This 50% Discount Expires SOON. Get Yours Today!

  • Solar Flashlight With 6 Modes
  • For Heavy Duty Use
  • 10 Features in 1 Device
  • Perfect for Military, Police, and More
  • 6 Powerful Light Modes
  • Keeps Your Family Safe 24/7

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Yes, I Want 50% Off Now!
Yes, I Want 50% Off Now!